Ece boutique hotel is situated on the northern hill of the island facing Calis beach and the Gulf of Fethiye. The jetty of the hotel is only 10 minutes away from the mainland and guest can reach the hotel by comfortable 89 steps watching the wonderful views of gulf of Fethiye under the shadow of Babadag (paragliders) mountain.

Over the terrace of ada restaurant you can see the sunken house ruins under the sea , leftover mosaics , a water cistern and many castle walls.

If you’re staying in the hotel only for a couple of days, it is recommended to follow the blue line. There are no cars on the island. And it is not possible to lose your way.

For longer stays at Ece , each day, you can choose the yellow lines by the seaside or inside the olive trees forest exploring many new Byzanyine ruins, cisterns, walls and mosaics . Kharub is the second historical tree type on the island . Enjoy your time.